by Psychic Dose

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paul rote
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paul rote True doom in the protometal style. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BANDS IN THE WORLD TODAY. ! Favorite track: Lord of the Trolls (demo).
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FDJ Psychic Dose mix it up big time with lysergic grooves embellished with occult tinged vocals and a very retro doom lite vibe.
Liking this a lot Favorite track: Bleed the Crops (demo).
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collections of demos released as singles. Soon to be replaced by newer versions on our upcoming album release. Get them while you still can!


released February 1, 2015

songs written by Andrew Costantino and Amanda Howell.
artwork by Andrew Costantino



all rights reserved


Psychic Dose Fort Myers, Florida

Deep in the remote thicket of some hippie's backyard an unspeakable force of forest dwellers began to stir... A congregation of Witches concluded that their people required ceremonial psychedelic dosages of unrelenting Rock 'N Roll... Thus, Psychic Dose was born. Featuring Amanda Howell on vocals, Andrew Costantino on guitar, Shawn Ayotte on bass, and Pete Flower on skins. ... more

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Track Name: Lord of the Trolls (demo)
"There's a creature in the dark of the night
One hoof in shadow, the other in light
Only the shallows of the bog will hear your cries
Is it a demon from Heaven or Hell?
Is it a sinister wizard's spell?
The silent watchers leave no tale to tell
No tale to tell...

The Master, he will conjure
The Faeries of the Night

Summon spirits of the Ancient Nature Crones
Devising riddles for the seeker of the Throne
In hidden groves in the hollows of the oak
They lie in waiting for you soul

Come to me
Follow me
Unto the holy pyre of light
Seeketh me
Ye shall see the spirits come alive

Got a case of missing spoons
The hidden secrets written in his Runes
The Satyr plays his fife, you'll hear his tune
Earth cracks open crawl out the hole
Hold on tight to your mortal soul
Incantations cast, here come the trolls
Lord of the Trolls

He's trolling
Cauldron boiling
Sprites of the Night

Summon spirits on the Ancient Nature Crones
Devising Riddles for the Seeker of the Throne
In hidden groves in the hollows of the oak
They lie in waiting for your soul

Come to me
Follow me
Unto the holy pyre of light
Seeketh me
Ye shall see the spirits come alive

Dawn approaches don't turn to stone
Back to their bridges to be alone
Curse is lifted, time to quiet the moan

Lord of the Trolls"
Track Name: Bleed the Crops (demo)
"I thought I heard laughter
Bite your tongue never come here after

In the woods is where I wander
Ancient Rites are what I conjure

Bleed the Crops
By the Rites of the Earth
May no drop of blood be forgotten
Bleed the Crops
Sow the seeds of Rebirth
And may no Sacrifice be forgotten

Cloven hooves on saddled steed
In the fields is where you'll bleed

Snapping necks on Gallow's Hill
Unearthed Gods I do their Will


Come gather round
Tonight we celebrate a New Beginning
And as a whole we shan't fail
On this Eve the Cosmos are aligned
And I ask of thee to join me as we release the lifeblood
Back into our countryside
Drink my friends
Every thought
All energy grows silent
The woodland creatures are at bay
For the worthless soul we bestow upon thee
Today is Doomsday...

Cobbled streets pray on their knees
Wrath of slain fulfill their deeds

Jars of skin and buried rabbit
Judgement calls to kill your habit